Friends and colleagues since they first met, relieving themselves in the revolving doors at The Ritz, Mick ‘Munchies’ McCrum and ‘Walking Dead’ Danny Dimmock have a refreshing new approach to cookery on television: no-nonsense, no-frills, no-extras, no-ability. Wit, wisdom, whimsy, and warmth are all words beginning with ‘W’. As are Mick and Danny. In this special audio release, AUK Studios are proud to present the least worst bits of their hit show – The Two TV Chefs. ALMOST CERTAINLY PRETTY MUCH DEFINITELY CONTAINS SWEARS AND MAY OFFEND!!   Starring Rory McGrath as Mick ‘Munchies’ McCrum and Philip Pope as ‘Walking Dead’ Danny Dimmock, with Kim Jones as the Interviewer, Hannah Boydell as the First Translator, and Barnaby Eaton-Jones as the Professor, Announcer, and Second Translator Written by Rory McGrath Music by Philip Pope Sound Design: Joseph Fox Graphic Design: Robert Hammond Executive Producer: Paul Andrews Producer/Director: Barnaby Eaton-Jones An AUK Studios production, with grateful thanks to Jimmy Mulville and Hat Trick