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Uncover the spooky and mysterious origins of everyone’s favourite cartoon canine in Zoinks! The Spooky Folklore Behind Scooby Doo.

Zoinks! is a captivating new book from acclaimed folklorist and podcaster Mark Norman. Recognised internationally for his expertise in folklore and known by many for his Folklore Podcast, Mark is the perfect guide for a tour through the myths and legends that have inspired the iconic cartoon.

For over half a century, a gang of teens – Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy – and their dog, Scooby, has captivated audiences with their supernatural sleuthing, operated under the banner of their company Mystery Incorporated. Yet the stories that have inspired the gang’s adventures are often much, much older. In this book, Mark Norman extensively explores the various myths and legends that the show’s writers have drawn on to deliver the wealth of memorable villains we’ve seen over the years. With insights from the show’s writers and producers, we learn about how real-world folklore has influenced the show’s portrayals of ghosts, witches, monsters, and more.

The combination of popular culture and the author’s extensive knowledge of the kind of tales whispered about on dark nights is both hugely entertaining and utterly fascinating. This hardback will make an ideal addition to the bookshelves of not only fans of the cartoon, but of anyone with an interest in the strange, the odd, the perplexing and the paranormal.

Published by Oak Tree Books and Chinbeard Books, Zoinks! is released on September 13th 2024 as a collector’s edition hardback.

* Unofficial/unauthorised limited edition collector’s card set will be delivered with your copy of the hardback book.

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