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What If?



Life passes by so quickly that sometimes we don’t have the chance to stop and consider what is going on around us. If we did, maybe we would find a story to tell. After all, our lives are just a story, aren’t they?
‘The Art of Disguise and Deception’ was created amidst the masses of people congregating in a busy airport, all looking forward to going off on holiday. But what if . . . ?
What if out of the blue you discovered that your family was not as you thought it was? ‘Two Wives Under One Roof’ suggests how this could turn out to be a shock to the system!
Funerals are very sad occasions. However, what if at a wake you met someone who was a professional mourner?
Each of the short stories in this collection began with Alan asking himself “What if . . .?” They have been created by use of imagination, but how far from the truth are they?

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