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Tomorrow People – Look-In Volume Two



This is a PRE_ORDER for Volume 2 of The Tomorrow People (Look-In Comic Collection). It will be published by February 2024. If it is ready ahead of schedule, we will send it out earlier. If you order during the pre-order window, the price will be £39.99. Again, we will need to hit a certain pre-order target and, if that isn’t reached, you will be fully refunded and the book will not go to print. After the pre-order period, if published, the price will rise to £45.99.

This book is approx. 250 pages, 9 x 12 inch hardback.

The Tomorrow People – the next stage of human evolution – first ‘jaunted’ onto British television screens in 1973. The brainchild of writer/creator Roger Price, this innovative group of young people with paranormal abilities proved hugely popular, and eight extraordinary series were broadcast on ITV.

Look-In, the weekly magazine and TV guide for youngsters, ran interviews and articles on the best commercial shows, but is perhaps best remembered for its beautifully illustrated comic strips. It was in this form that the Homo Superior began new adventures alongside the television series, providing five years of incredible, illustrated exploits.

This is Volume Two of a two-volume collection featuring every Look-In strip of The Tomorrow People. It includes pages lovingly restored from the original art boards, concluding articles, features, and posters, as well as a foreword by actor Nicholas Young..

The award-winning Chinbeard Books, in collaboration with Rebellion, Oak Tree, and the Treasury of British Comics, are proud to showcase the creative flair of John M. Burns, Mike Noble, Bill Titcombe, Leslie Branton, and Angus P. Allan in the concluding book of this limited edition collection.

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