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The Songs We Sang: And the Songs of Our Lives Never Changed



This is a strong story of determination, love, loss and persistence. There are many songs and stories all wrapped up inside the need to pursue a worthy life. The beginning of the story sees Ronan, living in New Zealand, reeling after a message from Conor in England to say that their dad, Danny Farrell, has died. Once again, as with their mother’s passing, only Conor had been able to attend their parent’s funeral. The reminiscences come racing back over the phone. The frequent ceilidhs in their parents’ house, when the tiles on the roof lifted, are now silenced for a while. Euan, the eldest, living in Canada, is quickly told the sad news, and he, too, at that stage of his life, is intending at some point to see the graves. They are all devastated by the news. Some years later, Conor, Euan and Ronan, decide to meet up and make a ‘pilgrimage’ to Ireland. There is sadness, but a determination to see both graves. Great characters are met along the way and the singing can be heard for miles.

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