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The Mechanics of Mechanicsville



When the Mayor of Greedsville gets too greedy, it’s up to The Mechanics to save the day. These tiny creatures are used to tinkering and repairing, but when it comes time to save the town The Mechanics of Mechanicsville are the biggest heroes around.

The Mechanics of Mechanicsville is the story of how a small town, North East of the city of Richmond Virginia, nestled amongst lush forests and green fields got its name. In Old Mechanicsville stands a stone windmill, now a landmark in the village. The windmill is decorative and driven by an electric motor. That windmill is said to house the mystical creatures known locally as The Mechanics!

The Mechanics of Mechanicsville is a story filled with magic and fun, beautifully brought to life by the bold and creative illustrations of Mechanicsville’s own Jamie Cosley.

And remember, Mechanicsville really does exist!

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