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The Hammer



After escaping the clutches of a Glasgow drug lord nicknamed ‘The Widowmaker’, the newly promoted Detective Constable Thoroughgood heads for Manchester. The northern powerhouse is home to two rival gangs: ‘The Maine Men’ and ‘The Devils’. When a drug deal goes wrong and Thoroughgood fails to stop it, a full-scale turf war is ready to take over Manchester ― a city split into red and blue halves. Seconded into an undercover Greater Manchester Police unit led by the legendary DCI Marty Ferguson, an exiled Glasgow cop with a messianic presence, Thoroughgood soon finds that the drugs war is not the only battle being fought in the city. ‘The Hammer’ takes Thoroughgood out of the character’s typical Scottish stomping grounds, with 1990s Manchester and a nightmare at the Theatre of Dreams forming the perfect backdrop for Mitchell’s brand of gritty, high-octane crime writing.


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