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The Bum That Barked



When Bean’s bottom starts barking, he doesn’t dream it will make him a star of stage and screen. With his ambitious derrière, Bongo, intent on fame and fortune; Bean the dog embarks upon a journey into ventriloquism!

However, when the pair hit the big time, an attack of stage fright wreaks havoc with Bean’s tummy, leading to a rather unfortunate denouement! The duo’s cover is blown (literally!) and the true nature of their double act is revealed! Fortunately – to the duo’s delight – they find their fans love them even more.


Bean the Dog and his barking bottom bring you a story full of laughter and ridiculousness. Filled with trumps, parps, and bottom burps, The Bum That Barked is a hilarious tale of fame, fortune and stage-fright that will keep you laughing until the end. Written by Elisa Peacock, and with wonderful illustrations from Rowena Aitken, The Bum that Barked is one not to miss

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