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Signed Version of Perfect: The Collection Vol 1-3



This is a signed copy of Perfect: The Collection.

Perfect: The Collection is a special edition hardback containing all eleven stories from the first three volumes of Barnaby Eaton-Jones’s Perfect, along with bonus additional artwork. Our eponymous heroine is a swinging sixties spy with the appeal of The Avengers’ Mrs Peel, but the clumsy cluelessness of Inspector Clouseau. She may be called Perfect but she’s far from it.

A multitude of writers and artists have contributed to this collection, ensuring the reader can experience Perfect’s crazy world of espionage from a multitude of perspectives. In the first four stories (illustrated by Simon A Brett, Gary Andrews, Jessica Martin and Robin Grenville Evans) we get to see our super-spy owning the catwalk, chasing balls, tripping out with a frog and meeting a near-perfect doppelganger. Stories five to eight (Simon A Brett, Gary Andrews, Chris Geary and Robin Grenville Evans) see Perfect dealing with a set of mystical code-breaking saris, engaging in some dodgy goings-on at an international music contest, checking out a moon landing conspiracy and posing as an air hostess with the mostest, The final three stories – all illustrated by the amazing Robin Grenville Evans – feature the most incredible cases, including moustache misadventures, a circus show and even a trip to the future.

Whether you’re a fan of sixties style, sexy spies, silly slapstick and serious sub-plots or are just sick of all the boring, same-y superhero comics out there, this is the Perfect collection for you!

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