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Setsuko and the Song of the Sea



Setsuko loves the sea. She swims its shallows. She dives its depths.

But she worries that her friends have chosen to abandon her way of life. Then she meets a whale who also fears he is the last of his kind. In return for giving him hope, he gifts her a song which she uses to remind people of the beauty of the ocean.

The Song of the Sea is a story of friendship and hope in an uncertain world. From the creators of Danny and the Dream Dog.

Fiona Barker wrote The Song of the Sea for marine biologist and illustrator, Howard Gray, so he could paint a whale and utilise his awesome skills creating underwater scenes. At the time, she also undertook the Marine Conservation Society’s challenge to go plastic free in July 2017, which turned out to be the start of a life-changing journey. Fiona wanted to pair the whale in the story with an inspirational human character and she could think of none more so than the ama-san. Revered as ‘mothers of the sea’, these strong women have been diving without breathing equipment in the cold waters off the Shima Penninsula for over 2000 years.

Setsuko, a young girl training to become one of these real-life mermaids, was born.


Including a signed postcard by the author and illustrator and free bookmark


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