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Roses – How to Select, Plant, Cultivate and Prune Roses and Deal With Pests



A Guide to Their Selection, Planting, Pruning and Pests. Peter Seabrook, with the help of Anne Swithinbank, explores the beauty of Britain’s favourite flower in all its types and colours. Modern techniques are linked with age-old experience to show how you can produce more roses and better plants than ever before. They show in detail how to plant bare root and container grown bushes for long term flowering. Above all Peter shows that rose pruning is not to be feared, it is simple, logical and fun. He explains the right timing and shows the correct techniques for pruning bushes, ramblers and climbers, and shows how to handle neglected roses and suckers. The importance of fertilisers for plant growth and flowering is explained. You will find out how to select and use the products for pest and disease control and see how summer deadheading is more than just the removal of faded flowers. Chapter 1 – The History of Roses Chapter 2 – Modern Rose Breeding and Production Chapter 3 – Rose Types Explained Chapter 4 – Planting Chapter 5 – Pruning Chapter 6 – Feeding Chapter 7 – Pests and Diseases Chapter 8 – Deadheading Essential viewing for all rose enthusiasts

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