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Pointless Conversations The Collection – Volume Three



Pointless Conversations: The Collection – Volume 3: Are You Going to Heaven? The Red Morph or the Blue Morph? And What IS Mr. Bean?

Pointless Conversations:  Are you Going to Heaven?

In the seventh issue of the comic series all about the pointless, the good-natured (if slightly blasphemous… make that very blasphemous) jocularity continues as the conversation turns to 90s children’s film Dennis, cult horror Bad Biology and other such nonsense:

  • Would you chop-off your willy if it was a drugged-up killer?
  •  Is watching Walter Matthau eat paint amusing?
  • Who carries your luggage to heaven?
  • Pedognomes…that’s right, PEDOGNOMES!


Pointless Conversations: The Red Morph or the Blue Morph?

In the eighth issue of the comic series all about the pointless, it’s more of the same pop-culture pawning, with Indiana Jones 4The Matrix, and other such tittles:

  • Morph genocide…it’s never funny, especially when Tony Hart screams himself to sleep at night (shame on you for laughing…*snigger*)
  • Impromptu impressions of Indiana Jones 4 characters
  • What happens when you take a poo… IN THE MATRIX?
  • What would happen if you took both the red pill and blue pill at once?


Pointless Conversations: What IS Mr. Bean?

Here we are at issue nine, and we come to a truly massive topic… What is Mr. Bean? It may sound like a daft question, but really, what is he? Where did he come from? Why is he here? Why is a grown man still sleeping with a teddy bear, if not for an acute mental illness? You need answers, you need to read Pointless Conversations: What is Mr. Bean? and I need to avoid a court case with Rowan Atkinson!

  • Should Mr. Bean be allowed to drive if he’s… urm… ‘brain-broken’?
  • Why do we laugh at a handicapped man pouring boiling water into his mouth? Are we a sick and twisted people?
  • What is that title sequence all about? Is Mr. Bean really from space, or a servant of God?
  • Alternate opening titles…(for mature/unbalanced readers only)

In case you are in any doubt whatsoever, there is a whole boatload of (supposedly) mature content within these pages.

You have been warned…

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