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Pointless Conversations The Collection – Volume One



Pointless Conversations: Superheroes

In the first issue of the comic series all about the pointless, the superhero-themed topics for discussion and/or ridicule are:

  • Is Superman a coward, a liar, or a terrorist? Is there also a case for him being a bit… thick?
  • When Spiderman fires his vast streams of webbing, where does he keep it all?
  • Both have famous dads, but who’s harder: Superman or Jesus?
  • And finally… Superdog?


Pointless Conversations: Doctor Emmett Brown

Back to the Future’Doc Brown… is he the biggest single threat to our galaxy’s existence since the big bang? The answer of course is YES! GREAT SCOTT, YES! Prepare yourself for temporal displacement as well as:

  • What if the terrorists had shot Doc in the face?
  • How did Doc and Marty McFly meet? And is their relationship a wee bit… iffy?
  • What rhymes with Emmett?
  • Is Doc Brown a time travelling psychopath that needs to be stopped at all costs? YES!


Pointless Conversations: Lightbulbs & Civilisation

In the third issue of the comic series all about the pointless, the mismatched and bewildering topics for discussion are:

  • Ionising light bulbs… can they really clean a room with ‘awesomeness’?
  • What would you draw with a box of magic pencils?
  • What was the sole reason for social decline? War, drugs, the internet? …nope.
  • Cornflakes: more influential than the wheel, more destructive than AIDS?

This book contains highly offensive content and is therefore suitable only for a mature audience…

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