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Penny’s Story



Penny can’t imagine life without Ben. Fifteen years older than Penny, they had married when she was eighteen. Now, in late 1989, after a short illness Ben has died. Their two teenage children, James and Lara, are both about to go to university, so at thirty-eight Penny finds herself alone, and everything around her is changing. Even Farrington’s, the company she has worked for since a girl, is about to undergo a big change. Charles Farrington at long last takes a much-overdue retirement. Now as Penny is about to return, Charles’s only child, Max, leaves an academic career to become the new head of Farrington’s. Tall, aloof and enigmatic, at forty-eight years old he is still a confirmed bachelor. Not surprising then, that to the female staff his love life is a source of gossip and speculation! With the help of Julie, Penny’s lifelong friend, (still looking for her elusive husband), Penny tries socializing in Julie’s world. Alongside this, she finds her own slower and more comfortable way, trying a course with a bereavement group and attending many so-called ‘uplifting’ talks. Penny is about to find that change is going to be the most difficult and challenging journey she will ever have to take. Yet the most confusing and frightening times for Penny are when she completely fails to understand her new powerful and utterly compelling feelings. And all the while, a good old-fashioned love story is beginning to unfold.

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