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Mathilda’s Legacy



Richard Carpenter’s
By Jennifer Ash
Cover by Robert Hammond

(Set pre-Series One, before ‘Robin Hood and the Sorcerer’)
David, Earl of Huntingdon, sighed quietly as he watched his teenage son slip out of the woods that surrounded Huntingdon castle. That particular spot, where Robert had emerged, was special. That had been where Mathilda had taken her son for long forest walks, where she’d told him stories, and played games.
Sadly, when Robert was eight years old, the stories had ended.
David realised, as each day passed, why his offspring behaved in the way he did. After all, Robert of Huntingdon was Mathilda’s son. He was her legacy.
The moment couldn’t be put off any longer. It was time to tell his son the story of how the Earl had met Robert’s mother…
Television series Robin Of Sherwood © HTV/Goldcrest Films & Television 1983. Created by Richard Carpenter, with grateful thanks to his Estate.

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