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Lucas Twigg’s Truly Terrible Luck



It’s time to meet the world’s unluckiest kid, Lucas Twigg!

Bad luck follows Lucas everywhere he goes, whether he’s at home, at school or anywhere else! But when Mum lends Lucas his Dad’s lucky football pants, things change right away….

Lucas Twigg’s Truly Terrible Luck is a a hilarious new picture book delivered in Andy Rigden & Jim Landen’s bright, bold and easy-to-read style.

Packed with visual humour and plenty of charm, Lucas Twigg’s Truly Terrible Luck is a book you’ll feel lucky to have read.


Lucas seems to be the world’s unluckiest kid.

He gets splashed on the way to school every time it rains.

Birds are queuing up to poop on his head.

And he narrowly avoids being crushed by a falling meteor.

But all that changes when his Mum lends him his Dad’s lucky football pants.

Another fantastic tale from the Author and Illustrator team behind My Mum’s a Bug-eyed Monster!


Including signed postcard from the authors and free bookmark

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