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How to Jive



Jive or Swing has been around for a while and new modern jive can be danced to virtually any kind of music from jazz, rock and disco through to today’s chart music! This DVD is packed with moves that look great and are easy to learn. Each move is explained carefully and the shown in action and with this DVD it is easy to stop and practise each move. Party scenes will inspire you to create your own style. They feature champions of modern jive, ballroom jive, European rock’n’roll, and Lindy hop (including Frankie Manning, who first invented air steps in the 1930’s, The Jiving Lindy hoppers and Simon Selmon. So grab a partner and get ready to bop. Be outrageous. Be original. Why just dance when you can modern jive? Featuring music by The Firebirds and 26 great moves! Set 1 – Push and Pull* American Spin* Top turn and return* American Spin variation Set 2 – First move* Figure of Eight* Yo yo* Lady Spin* Set 3 – Comb* Neck break* Lady’s Comb* Sway Set 4 – Wurlitzer* Hatchback* Swizzle stick Set 5 – Backhander* Wrapper* Drop kick Set 6 – First jump* Change places* Pretzel* Twirl Set 7 – American Spin* Butterfly* Overhead change* Seducer

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