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Shrouded in mystery, the legendary civilisation of the Incas built a sanctuary high in the Peruvian Andes, know as Machu Piccu .. Discovered only in the early 20th century, the magical site poses more questions then it answers about the ancient Inca. How did they built such an amazing centre of culture, science and perfectly evolved lifestyle? How did they provide sufficient food to sustain several thousands of their people living in this remote place, almost inaccessible from the fertile valleys.
And why did they choose to live there? And how did they eventually perish? Our answer – seeking trekkers spend four nights and five days getting to this treasured site, got through the Iron Gates to take their first magical glimpse of Machu Piccu -the big mountain, and discovered fascinating stories about the Inca and their life, their scientific advances and evolved civilization rom Coco, the knowledgeable guide from Cuzco. The lamas are still grazing on the lush green slopes around Machu Piccu, the original stone carvings are there for all to see and touch, all carefully excavated piece by piece from the jungle. This is a discovery you simply have to make, and starting here is as good a place as any!

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