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Colours of Infinity



This excellent DVD features three mind-expanding films on fractals, mathematics and the observable universe! Colours of Infinity – Presented by Arthur C Clarke, this film delves into the wonderful world of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry; a discovery that could only have been realised with advanced computers, without which they could never be seen. A simple mathematical formula has led to amazing uses in all branches of science, medicine, computer graphics, weather reporting and analysis, geography, topography and even economics.

Clouds Are Not Spheres – this film tells the story of the life and work of Benoit Mandelbrot. A great innovator and discoverer of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry, Mandelbrot is a highly regarded maverick mathematician. Is God A Number? This film is a fascinating account of the science of mathematics and its connection to mind and consciousness. Presented by Michael Barnsley and featuring Sir Roger Penrose, the film looks at the mystery of consciousness, whilst exploring the links between mathematics, mind, and the physical, observable universe.

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