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Changes – The Tomorrow People Novel



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‘Changes’ is written by Andy Davidson, with Roger Price (creator/writer of the original series of The Tomorrow People).


“A decade has passed since teen pop sensation Gabriel burst onto the scene.

Rescued from the shattered ruins of a city devastated by alien invaders, the plight of the golden-haired orphan with the face – and voice – of an angel burned brightly for a decade, winning legions of devoted fans across the world, though Gabriel has grown tired.

Not with the wealth or the adulation, but with the constant struggle to undo the terrible consequences his single moment’s hesitation unleashed upon the people of Earth many years ago.

But tonight, the Tomorrow People of every generation are coming to join the struggle for humanity’s future.

By trying to change its past.”


Quote from Roger Price – “When Andy sent me the manuscript, which he wrote from my detailed treatment, my response was, ‘I’m humbled – I could never have written anything this good!’

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