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Amos the Anteater



Amos is a very grumpy anteater who doesn’t want to share with anyone. He hides away, keeping himself to himself. One day, he gets into trouble and there’s no one around to help him, until another anteater comes along and teaches Amos the power of friendship. The first book in The Animal Alphabet series, Amos the Anteater is a story about a selfish anteater who loves to eat. The other anteaters don’t like Amos, because he keeps all of the ants for himself. One day, after eating too much Amos gets into trouble and there’s no one around to help him. Another adventurous anteater eventually comes to his rescue and Amos learns that being friendly is the best way to be! The Animal Alphabet is a series of books teaching children their ABCs through fun and extraordinary children’s stories about animals – some of them more unusual than the others. Each original story is based on an important message for children to learn – being friendly, sharing with others, saving money – and filled to the brim with animal facts. Other books in the Animal Alphabet Series: – Benny the Beaver – Cleo the Camel – Dash the Dolphin – Esme the Elephant – Frank the Flamingo

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