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Agaton Sax and The Criminal Doubles



Agaton Sax is Sweden’s greatest detective and has solved more than his fair share of difficult cases. But when two men arrive at his office asking for help, Agaton knows that he’ll really have his work cut out – particularly because they appear to be identical doubles for two of the world’s greatest criminal masterminds. When it turns out the real masterminds are also in the area, things get interesting.

Will Agaton Sax be able to tell the criminals from their doubles? And will he get to the bottom of this curious mystery? He hasn’t failed to crack a case yet, but there’s always a first time…

The Agaton Sax series of books were first published in Sweden, later being translated into English and printed with illustrations by much-loved artist Quentin Blake (perhaps best known for his work on the books of Roald Dahl). The English translations became immensely popular, achieving the status of the most re-issued mystery & detective series in the history of Nordic children’s literature.


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