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From the depths of time, warriors are chosen to protect a planet from destruction. With no choice but to obey the force that took them from their dimension, the warriors have to combine their skills and strengths to overcome the many obstacles in their path.

Using a unique film making technique combined with the power of DVD, Lightworx and First Cut have created an interactive film which crosses the boundaries of entertainment.

A British production which offers a real alternative to the formulated Hollywood releases.

With over 7 storylines and around 80 different options YOU decide which path the warriors take, which critical decisions they make and, inevitably YOU DECIDE WHO LIVES AND DIES

Special Features

–Documentary about the making of Advanced Warriors

–Interviews with the Director and main cast members

Rehearsal footage



A 50 minute documentary–“Need to know self defence” -starring John Carrigan and Jill Greenacre (Britta’s Empire).

Featuring Chase Masterson (Star Trek DS9, Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars) and Mark Strickson (Dr Who).

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