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A Single Way to Happiness



A tale of love, friendship, and hope, A Single Way To Happiness is the story of Tom – a young boy dying of cancer. Through the eyes of his caregiver, experience Tom’s struggle, his view of the world and the power that words can hold. A Single Way To Happiness is about the strength comes from within and how we can share that strength with others. A Single Way To Happiness is a beautifully touching story about finding hope in a seemingly hopeless situation; a story defined by its unique perspective and approach to friendship and family. Gil Wozelka’s novel firmly places you in the shoes of Tom’s caregiver; a man who wants to do everything he can for a dying young boy. An incredibly emotional journey, A Single Way to Happiness faces you with both delight and darkness with each beat only accentuating the other’s power. A wonderful translation into English by Genevieve Lawrence of the acclaimed French novel Les Petits Galets; A Single Way to Happiness marks the first time the book has been available outside of its home country and the first UK release from author Gil Wozelka..

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