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A Guide to ZX Spectrum Games



Retrospective reviews of 256 ZX Spectrum games published between 1985 and 1986 – With an Introduction from Retro Gamer Journalist Kieren Hawken, and interviews from developers such as Steve Turner (Hewson Consultants), Jon Ritman (Ocean Software, Artic), John Gibson (Imagine, Denton Designs, Ocean), Julian Gollop (Target Games, Ubisoft), Bill Harbison (Ocean), Phil Mochan (Firebird), Steve Wetherill (Odin Computing), Karen Davies (Imagine, Denton Designs), Ian Oliver (Realtime Games), Graham Stafford (Design Design), Ian Morrison (US Gold), Roger Womack (Icon Design, Gremlin), John Heap (Imagine, Denton Designs), Fergus McNeill (Delta 4 Software), Dave Martin (Martech), Simon Butler (Ocean), Clive Townsend (Durell Software), Shaun Hollingworth (Gremlin), Pete Harrap (Gremlin), Gary Bracey (Ocean), Ste Pickford (Binary Design), Shaun Abbott (Level 9), Pete Harrison (Icon Design, Binary Design), David Bishop (Argus Press), and Allan Findlay (Laser Genius) . Fully illustrated with screenshots of every game – Some original box artwork and advertisements, and original illustrations from Rob Grenville-Evans (Automata).

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