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A Collection of Verse IV



Sixty poems with an eclectic mix, from soul-searching to the pleasure of warming in front of a coal fire; from a bat flying in the twilight, to the arrival of a steam train on the East Lancashire Railway. Self-deprecation is thrown in for good measure, including a piece acknowledging my curse of snoring. Whilst on holiday, a cockerel found itself immortalised in verse (and almost throttled), after waking me up every morning at dawn. Notions of mortality are never far away, however that is offset by the first reference in verse to being a grandparent – a real game-changer. It not only brings great delight into my life, but also more concerns. My other half continues to inspire poems and therefore features again in this volume. Nature as always is a constant source of material and never disappoints. The ever-changing weather and its interaction with the countryside will by no means cease to stimulate.

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