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A Collection of Verse III



With the exception of ‘Prelude to a Storm’, Volume III contains my first collection of poems written after taking early retirement in 2016. As I am no longer a young man, I now display a certain amount of middle-aged angst and concerns for a shorter future. Having holidayed many times in the Highlands of Scotland, more works have been inspired by happy days spent there. My enthusiasm for listening to music and savouring single malt Scottish whiskey (often at the same time), has also been of some inspiration, including one poem in honour of a beloved distillery and another dedicated to my favourite Neil Diamond album. The human condition comes in for some consideration in the poems dealing with manic depression and man’s destructive nature. In this volume I make my first poetic reference to my lifelong interest (minus anorak and Thermos) in steam locomotives and UK railways. Time on my hands has encouraged many hours of walking and enjoying the countryside. This has resulted in additional poems about the natural world. Subjects range from the weather and pleasant views to simple individual flora and fauna which have caught my eye. J. B. Dundee

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