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A Collection of Verse II



This second volume continues with poems written in the 1980s, when in my twenties. The adolescent angst continues; however, thankfully, the love is no longer unrequited, as during this time I began courting my wife-to-be, Gillian. Views on the world around me, whether optimistic or melancholy, still feature prominently, although some of the poems are slightly more light-hearted or tongue-in-cheek (perhaps showing a thawing in my outlook, as employment and romance arrived during this period, though certain levels of uncertainty still prevailed). It surprises me how although written more than thirty years ago, as with my first volume, some which were socially or politically topical at the time could have been penned recently as little seems to have changed. In Volume II appears my very first, albeit short, poem inspired from a visit to the Scottish Highlands. This area will be a further source of inspiration in future works. J. B. Dundee

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